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Publications: Appeared and Accepted

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  • Andrews, J. L., McNicholas, P. D. and Subedi, S. (2011), `Model-based classification via mixtures of multivariate t-distributions’, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 55(1), 520-529. [doi]

Software Development

  • McNicholas, P.D., Jampani, K. R. and Subedi, S. (2015), longclust: Model-based clustering and classication for longitudinal data (R package version 1.2).
  • Harvey, D. S., Subedi, S., Hanner, R., Adamowicz, S. (2015), ePRIMER: primer design software for environmental DNA studies.

Refereed Journal Articles: Submitted / In preparation

  • Silva, A., Rothstein, S. J., McNicholas, P. D., and Subedi, S. Finite Mixtures of Matrix Variate Poisson- Log Normal Distributions for Three-Way Count Data. Submitted.
  • Subedi, S. and McNicholas, P. D., A variational approximations-DIC rubric for parameter estimation and mixture model selection within a family setting. Submitted.
  • Neish, D., Subedi, S., Feng, Z. Cluster Analysis Of Microbiome Data Via Mixtures Of Dirichlet- Multinomial Regression Models. Submitted.
  • Fang, Y., Karlis, D., Subedi, S., A Bayesian Approach for Clustering Skewed Data Using Mixtures of Multivariate Normal-Inverse Gaussian Distributions. Submitted.

Non-Refereed Contributions

  • Subedi, S. (2012), `Variational Approximations and Other Topics in Mixture Models’, Ph.D. thesis, University of Guelph.
  • Subedi, S. (2009), `Genome Selection for Predicting the Estimated Breeding Value of Canadian Holstein Cattle’, Master’s thesis, University of Guelph.
  • Andrews, J. L., Diaz Bobadilla, I. E., Huang, Y., Kitchen, C., Malenfant, K., Moloney, P. D., Steane, M. A., Subedi, S., Xu, R., Zhang, X., McNicholas, P. D. and Stockie, J. M. (2009), `Early detection of important animal health events’ in Proceedings of the PIMS-MITACS Industrial Problem Solving Workshop, Calgary, Alberta.
  • Andrews, J. L., Haroutunian J., Steane, M. A., Subedi, S., Zhang, X. and McNicholas, P. D. (2009), `Automatic classification and variable reduction for food authenticity problems’ in Proceedings of the PIMS-MITACS Graduate Industrial Mathematical Modelling Camp, Calgary, Alberta.
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